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Terms and Conditions


The reservation agreement is between the Client and Aquitaine Croisières, S.A.R.L., hereinafter referred to as the Company. The Client refers to any person or natural or legal person with whom the Company enters into a reservation contract; this should not be limited to the person or persons making a reservation request, but also applies to any included person, designated or not. Registration for one of the cruises proposed by the company implies acceptance of the general and special conditions of sale set out below.

By dating and signing the travel contract drawn up by the seller from whom he buys his trip with the mention that the conditions are accepted by him, the customer expressly acknowledges having read the information relating to the trip he has chosen through our brochures and web communications. Therefore, for any travel details, please refer to the information contained in our brochures. Cruises or services “outside the brochure” are subject to the same conditions.

These conditions may have been translated from French into another language. In the event of any differences in the texts resulting from this translation, the French text shall prevail.



Pursuant to Article R.211-12 of the Tourism Code, brochures and travel contracts proposed by travel agents to their customers must include in full the terms and conditions following from articles R211-3 to R211-11 of the Tourism Code. In accordance with Articles L211-7 and L211-17 of the Tourism Code, the provisions of Articles R211-3 to R211-11 of the Tourism Code, the text of which is reproduced below, are not applicable for reservations or sales of tickets not included in the framework of a tourist package. The brochure, quotation, proposal, the organizer’s program constitute the prior information covered by article R211-5 of the Tourism Code.

Therefore, failing otherwise transmitted to the client, features, special conditions and price of the trip as indicated in the brochure, quote, proposal of the organizer, will contract upon signing of the order of registration. In the absence of a brochure, quotation, program or proposal, this document constitutes prior to signature by the purchaser, prior information covered by article R211-5 of the Tourism Code. If the contract of assignment, the assignor and / or assignee are previously required to pay the resulting costs.