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Active Cruises Bordeaux

Quick Details

  •  Individual or group trip
  •  Bike and cruise
  •  Between 200 and 275 miles by bike

Enjoy an active cruise in Bordeaux!

Spend a whole week discovering the heart of the six Bordeaux wine regions.

Visit the castles, taste a variety of wines and admire the historic monuments, many of which are classified by UNESCO. Live the life of a winegrower throughout the seasons! 

Authenticity and freedom are our guiding principles.

Every day, the boat stays docked from 9 am to about 5 – 6 pm. You have plenty of time to sightsee, explore towns and villages, enjoy a coffee break, and more. At the end of the day, the crew welcomes you on board, where you can chat with your new friends and have good wine. You start sailing to the new region to explore the next day. You don’t have to pack and unpack every day! 

Choose between two options:

Libourne to Castets-En-Dorthe:  Saint-Emilion – Pomerol > Côtes de Bourg – Côtes de Blaye > Médoc > Bordeaux > Sauternes – Graves > Entre-Deux-Mers

Castets-En-Dorthe to Libourne: Entre-Deux-Mers > Sauternes – Graves > Bordeaux > Médoc > Côtes de Blaye – Côtes de Bourg > Saint-Emilion – Pomerol

Libourne to Castets-En-Dorthe

Castets-En-Dorthe to Libourne

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